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How We Work

Typical new clients come as referrals from existing clients.

I feel my experience and solutions best serve couples who are nearing retirement or who are already retired. However, I know that families come in all shapes and sizes, so I am willing to work with you to determine if I am best suited to provide you with financial services.

Here is a little more color on my typical clients. Does one of them sound like you?

Nearing Retirement – Executives and Professionals

You have had a successful career and are in your 50s or early 60s. Your children are grown, and you’ve saved for retirement. Since much of your savings may be in your company’s sponsored retirement plan, you may have never felt the need for a Financial Adviser. But retirement presents new challenges, among them staying retired! I will help you work on the transition from the working world to retirement and handle all the uncertainty that comes from moving out of a company plan into your own plan. And I’ll be sure your family is cared for throughout this process and into the future.

Nearing Retirement – Business Owners

You have spent your career building a successful business and are in your 50s or early 60s. You also have not really felt the need for a Financial Adviser because your savings have been in your company’s retirement plan. However, you may have additional concerns of converting your business’s assets into liquid assets and transferring your assets to your heirs. I will help you address all of these concerns while transitioning into retirement, while being especially focused on ensuring the tax implications on your business are minimal.


If you’re retired, you may already have a Financial Adviser. Maybe you moved down here to escape the cold weather of the north, and your Financial Adviser is back in your hometown. While there’s nothing wrong with that, working with a local professional with an integrated, comprehensive approach has its benefits. I am here to assist you in meeting your goals, staying retired and enjoying the time with your family that you have earned.

Young Couples

Young Couples

Younger couples may have fewer assets but greater needs. Having not yet attained their financial goals, they may have a greater need life and disability insurance. They may have young children and want to start a college fund. They may want to assure that they are track for their own retirement. And they make lack the resources to do all of these things fully. They could benefit from a plan that would prioritize all of these objectives.